I’ve been a little tired of the old graphic I had on my front door. I loved it, but it was getting covered in little fingerprints and pieces were starting to disappear.


And I couldn’t afford the custom shutter to match our windows. (The one for the door was _gasp_ $700). And let’s face it, we really need a new front door, but the only ones we like are about $900. So I got a different idea. New window graphic!

I used the same idea from the old graphic – contact paper. But this time, I wanted a more bold geometric pattern. And something a little more solid.

Clean door

First, I cleaned off the old graphic with my little helper. Then I started designing. I saw an awesome ceramic tile that looked like stacked cubes in a design magazine. I sketched and played around with that design until I came up with something I liked.


I then drafted the shapes I wanted on the back of the contact paper and started cutting. I used scissors. An exacto knife would be more precise, but I don’t mind the “handcrafted” look. (That’s another way of saying I’m lazy – architecture school took all the perfection out of me).


I laid them out on the floor to make sure I would have enough pieces. I really liked how the design looked when it was eroded, so I played around with the arrangement as I placed it on the glass.






Peel and stick. Presto Change-o. The possibilities of this little update are endless. And I only invested $3 in a roll of white contact paper and about 2 hours of time! Nice. (Bonus: maybe my neighbors won’t see me walking to the kitchen in my skivvies)

New Door!


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